Water, dirt, dust, mud, high shock and vibration are all the nemesis of “standard” solenoids when they are asked to perform over a broad range of environmental conditions. Extreme applications can include:

  • Off-road vehicles
  • High dust factory and material handling environments
  • Agricultural machinery and irrigation systems
  • Marine and food service equipment

DURO-TECH® (D-T) solenoids from Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA) are the perfect response to customer demands for a robust, electro-mechanical linear actuators. The core of the DURO-TECH solenoid is a coil, which has admirably performed for many years in mobile Electro-Hydraulic systems. Designed and manufactured to meet an IP-65 minimum level of dust and moisture ingression protection, such coils inherently embody the key characteristics needed to survive extreme environments.

A well engineered use of neoprene boots and a purposeful design of the mechanical “guts” further ensure the DURO-TECH solenoid’s ability to survive extreme conditions.

DURO-TECH solenoid design and performance features
DURO-TECH solenoids are designed to operate in ambient temperatures from -40°C to + 50°C and are RoHS compliant. They’re NEMA (National Electrical Manufactures Association) insulation rated for Class H, 180°C maximum operation temperature.


  • Direction of Operation: Push or a Pull mode
  • Internal Spring: Returns the solenoid to the null position
  • Protective Boots: Neoprene boots on each end prevent moisture and dust ingression to level IP-65, and retard the ingression of contaminants into the solenoid’s core.
  • Corrosion Protection: Plating on the external surfaces is Zinc Trivalent Chromate, suitable to meet 96 hours of a 5% salt spray environment. Epoxy Powder coating is available upon request for corrosion protection to 1,000 hours at 5% salt spray conditions
  • Mounting Bracket: Rugged cradle style-mounting bracket, which is welded to the solenoid body


  • 37 mm diameter x 50 mm length
  • 45 mm diameter x 50 mm length
  • 63 mm diameter x 72 mm length


  • Electrical Connection
    • Available with either integrated connectors and/or wire leads
    • All options are molded into the coil for improved water and dust ingression protection
    • Integrated connector styles include Deutsch, DIN, and METRI-Pack with the available connection style being dependent on the size of the D-T body
  • Three Duty Cycle Variants
    • Continuous Duty (100% on) operation
    • Intermittent Duty (25% on, 75% off) operation
    • Pulse Duty (10% on 90% off) operation

Additional dimensional information, including Force vs. Stroke capabilities are listed in the DURO-TECH brochure and on our website.

Collaborative Innovation
Allow us the opportunity to help you take a fresh look at the unique requirements of your extreme applications, and turn Magnet-Schultz knowledge into value for your organization.

As a leading manufacturer of standard, specialty and custom Electromagnetic devices—Electromechanical and Electrohydraulic—MSA’s advanced engineering, innovative design and lean manufacturing capabilities enable our customer’s products to outperform their competition.

Custom coil designs are our forte. To discuss your unique product requirements, Contact MSA Today

By David Stockwell, President & CEO at Magnet-Schultz of America, Inc.