Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA) is preparing to expand its manufacturing capabilities like never before through a partnership with Winema Transfer Machines, a German-based equipment manufacturer.  MSA is leading the way to bring the first machine of its kind to the United States later this summer.  The machine will come directly from Grosselfingen, Germany where the final touches are currently taking place.

This impressive new piece of equipment represents next generation machining technology which will dramatically increase Magnet-Schultz of America’s capacity and competitive advantage by allowing MSA to produce very complex turned parts with incredible precision at extremely high speeds.

Submitted by MSA team members as a Better-Quicker-Thriftier (BQT) idea some time ago, this machine, once fully installed and in full production later this year, will allow MSA to significantly increase our machining capacity and maximize our floor space utilization in the United States.  This investment will also allow MSA to keep our cost profile low while providing great solutions for customers and new opportunities for team members to grow their skill sets.

To machine an intricately designed component for one of MSA’s highly valued customers, MSA currently produces approximately 626 pcs per shift on a standard swiss style machining center.  This same component produced on the new machining center is expected to make many times more per shift.  When this machine is fully installed later this Summer, it has the capability to replace three other machines currently making precision turned components.  It will also provide much needed capacity for precision machined components to support MSA’s valued customers and continued growth.

Magnet-Schultz of America is always committed to engineering and manufacturing the highest quality electromagnetic devices available and this new equipment addition further solidifies our ability to deliver on that promise for our most valued customers.  Contact us today to see how we can contribute to the effectiveness of your equipment and unique application challenges.