How Solenoid Modifications Improve Performance

Common Solenoid Modifications While Magnet-Schultz of America has a comprehensive range of reference solenoid products, the greatest value we have to offer our customers are modified or entirely custom solenoids and actuators. Many engineers or purchasing agents contact us knowing what type of function and performance they need in a solenoid but they may not

Hydraulic Solenoid Design Features

In pt. 1 of our hydraulic solenoids post, we described how they differ from electromechanical solenoids and discussed some basic applications. We also had a follow-up blog post that described the two major functional categories of hydraulic solenoids, on/off and proportional. This post will expand on the different design and manufacturing features of tubes

Developing a Preliminary Specification for Solenoids and Electromagnetic Devices

Developing a Preliminary Specification for Solenoids and Electromagnetic Devices When System Design Engineers are tasked with incorporating an electromagnetic device (i.e. a solenoid, electromagnet, voice coil, etc.) into a new product, it would be useful if they could readily access design “guidelines” that would help them to identify, quantify and then communicate the performance

A Conversation About Our Collaborative Innovation Business Process

Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA)—Specialists in Electromagnetic Devices At MSA you’ll be invited to interact, to get involved, to join a conversation. We’re process-oriented. We break down communication barriers to create a more open framework for new levels of product innovation and manufacturing agility. Collaborative Innovation is how we turn MSA knowledge into customer value. But

6 Basic Steps in Defining What Solenoid Best Suits Your Application

Solenoids are used in a wide range of applications from locking doors to shifting the transmission on a motorcycle. Unfortunately there is no “one size fits all” approach to choosing a solenoid, or other eletro-magnetic product. However, there are several basic steps to follow when selecting the right solenoid for the application. Some may consider

Customer Partnership: A Perspective

Customer partnership is defined as the building of a relationship in all departments between the Supplier and the Customer—a relationship that is based upon “known details” benefiting both parties, now and for years to come. From a Sales/Ordering perspective, the “known details” can range from payment terms to delivery lead time, to order quantity, to

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