Looking for a starting point on a new project?

If you’re thinking about incorporating a solenoid into a new application or project, we can help!

MSA has partnered with McMaster-Carr®, our distributor, to help stock various reference designs which are readily available for purchase.  This keeps your projects moving by allowing you to quickly procure parts and test if the solution you’ve chosen would work for your application as intended.  You may also decide that the selected reference design could be optimized for use on your unique project.  This is Magnet-Schultz of America’s area of expertise!

For detailed specifications on reference designs including CAD drawings, 2D and 3D models, click on the blue MSA product number from the chart (below/left).  These items are stocked by McMaster-Carr® with a spring kit (i.e. an additional grooved plunger, e-clip, and a spring) and have thus been assigned new part numbers.  For specifications and force information on the Spring Kit P/N’s, click on the blue Spring Kit product number (below/right).

To pursue pricing on a product that could work for your application, you can order directly from McMaster-Carr® (MMC) by clicking on the orange MMC website link (below/right).  For best results, indicate the MSA Spring Kit P/N in your inquiry to MMC.