MSA’s COVID-19 Response & Updates

MSA's COVID-19 Response & Updates The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has disrupted and changed life as we know it.  Although we continue to hope for the best, it’s evident that new protocols and safety measures must be put into effect for the health and safety of

We Have a New Website!

We Have a New Website! Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA) is pleased to announce the launch of our new website! This effort began as part of MSA’s Better, Quicker, Thriftier (BQT) initiative, now officially one of the 14 rules we live by known as The MSA Way.  The new website

Ingression Protection for Solenoids

Ingression protection is a commonly requested solenoid feature. As dirt, dust, moisture, and other foreign objects accumulate in a solenoid, the performance and life cycle are dramatically reduced. There are several methods to combat ingression, but before choosing the correct solution it is important to understand the degrees of protection

Solenoid Troubleshooting

While Magnet-Schultz of America designs solenoids to perform above and beyond the expectations of its customers, there are constraints to the capabilities of any given design. Environmental factors, power supply errors, and general lifecycle wear can all lead to solenoid failures. This guide outlines some of the common failure

MSA Stewardship Makes Its First Contribution

MSA Stewardship Makes Its First Contribution Westmont, IL November 3, 2017 - Magnet-Schultz of America officially announces the names of the eight organizations that will be the recipients of a $250 donation as part of MSA’s new initiative, MSA Stewardship. On September 8, 2017, MSA employees were asked to

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New Magnet-Schultz of America Company Overview Video

Magnet-Schultz of America has posted a new company overview video highlighting our role as a leader in the electromagnetic actuator market. You can check out the video below or at

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