Magnet-Schultz of America is on a tireless journey to be enduringly great and thus continuing the great legacy of the Magnet-Schultz family which has been passed down to us since its inception in 1912.  In the past year, we have made significant investments in new machining equipment technology to increase our capacity thereby allowing us to support our customers by providing unique solutions for their specific challenges.

Alongside these important equipment investments, however, Magnet-Schultz of America also understands the importance of investing in our team members to support the continued growth we continue to experience.

At MSA, we’re always searching for the next great team member – one that’s curious, gritty, and takes ownership which results in driven disciplined action.  This is part of the MSA Way, or the rules we live by, which provides a framework for how we operate and do business.

Growth tends to create unique opportunities for the creation of new things which hadn’t previously existed.  What does that look like at MSA?  The creation of a new and unique role known as the Manufacturing Training & Development Manager to support ongoing and continual training of our most valuable resources: our valued team members.

The Manufacturing Training & Development Manager works in partnership with MSA’s leadership, to develop and execute strong training and development plans that strengthen team members knowledge to successfully fulfill their day-to-day jobs here at MSA.  Since the creation of this new position at MSA, numerous in-person and virtual trainings have been created, developed and coordinated to increase and solidify the skillset and core competencies of our team members in their different roles here at MSA.

The role is currently held by Patrick Stingle, former Quality Engineer who was internally promoted to this new position allowing us to maximize and keep our know-how here at MSA.  This also created opportunities for a previous Quality Technician to be promoted to Quality Engineer allowing MSA to recognize great performance by promoting employees who have excelled and proven that they are ready to go to the next level.

The flywheel continues to turn here at MSA as we progress on this journey to be enduringly great!

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