Latching Solenoids – Part 1

At Magnet-Schultz of America, we specialize in designing various types of electromagnetic solutions for our customers’ unique applications.  One of the types of products we design and produce is what is known as a Magnetic Latching Solenoid.  At Magnet-Schultz of America, however, we make a distinction between Magnetic Latching Solenoids and other Magnetic Latching

Ball-Detent Solenoids: Locking Devices Simplified

The Challenge: Engineers often desire a device which can provide an electrically actuated, high-force locking function. Quickly, they run into challenges finding a locking solenoid that will provide the force needed, in a reasonable size, as well as one which can operate within the constraints of their system’s power supply. They also face many

Magnetic Latching Mechanisms

Magnetic Latching mechanisms fall into one of three distinct categories relative to how they are operated, the electrical energy needed to operate them, and the release force, which their return spring mechanism can generate. CATEGORY ONE: Permanent-Magnet/Electro-Magnetic Linear Actuators (also known as Magnetic-Latching Solenoids or MLS) A more complete discussion of the differences between

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