Engineering Ingenuity & Manufacturing Excellence

Our Mission
To turn MSA’s knowledge into customer value through collaborative innovation.

What is Collaborative Innovation?

  • An Approach
    Great ideas are conceived through collective mindshare. By working as a team, we elicit critical information to meet your projects desired commercial and technical requirements.
  • A Process
    Working together, individuals can overcome challenging obstacles. Such a collaborative approach leverages unique perspectives at every stage of the process—from product concept and design, through realization, manufacturing and quality assurance.
  • A Strategy
    Utilize over 100 years of engineering knowledge and experience involving Electromagnetic products to bring value to MSA’s consultative engineering and manufacturing processes. Taking the application and performance requirements of your product beyond rudimentary function—MSA quickly transforms innovative ideas into new, high-quality products that you can bring to market today.

Our Differentiator
We believe that collaborative innovation is the reason why customers first come to MSA, and why customers return to MSA, project after project.

Would you like to be part of our enduringly great team?  

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