Product Video: Hydraulic Solenoids

Hydraulic Solenoids Product Showcase Magnet-Schultz of America engineers advanced hydraulic tube and coil solutions for the most demanding applications. Whether improving an existing design or developming a completely custom product, our skilled engineering team and advanced manufacturing processes allow us to deliver greater value to our customers. Our latest product showcase video highlights our abilities

Hydraulic Solenoid Design Features

In pt. 1 of our hydraulic solenoids post, we described how they differ from electromechanical solenoids and discussed some basic applications. We also had a follow-up blog post that described the two major functional categories of hydraulic solenoids, on/off and proportional. This post will expand on the different design and manufacturing features of tubes

What is the difference between On/Off and Proportional Hydraulic Solenoids?

The latest entry in the Magnet-Schultz of America Solenoid 101 blog explains the basic types of hydraulic solenoid functionality. A more detailed analysis of these types of mechanisms has been previously published by MSA here. This recap will reduce the content to the simplest terms for a quick and clear understanding of the fundamental concepts.

Linear Motor Series, Part Two: Design & Manufacturing Techniques

LINEAR MOTOR SERIES: PART TWO Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA) reveals the design and manufacturing techniques, performance, and functional characteristics of a Linear Motor. Edited by David Stockwell; Technical information provided by Dr. Jonathan Gamble & Kevin Code DESIGN & MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES 1. External Appearance: The Linear Motor (LM) assembly looks just like a conventional

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