As MSA continues experiencing growth, the availability of our manufacturing floor space has become a challenge to navigate through.

Recently, MSA installed new storage technology that allows us to maximize our manufacturing floor space while simultaneously maximizing our storage capacity in a compact footprint to make better use of our stock room.  This new storage machine is fully enclosed and restricted promoting enhanced security with several thousand unique storage locations for our different piece parts.  After entering the correct information on the machine, these components are automatically delivered to a waist-high access window where the operator can safely access the parts and achieve high throughput picking of material.

Shown here nearly touching the ceiling, MSA’s new storage machine offers significant storage capacity in a compact footprint, maximizing on much needed floor space.

This month, MSA also received and installed it’s fourth new injection molding machine which adds further capacity to our manufacturing capabilities to support our customers’ demands.  Check out the install of this machine by clicking on the video below.

MSA takes great pride in continuously investing in new equipment that not only allows us to better support our customers, but which increases productivity, capacity, and positions us to support upcoming new customer projects with leading technology!  Contact us today to see how we can contribute to the effectiveness of your equipment and unique application challenges.