Ingression Protection for Solenoids

Ingression protection is a commonly requested solenoid feature. As dirt, dust, moisture, and other foreign objects accumulate in a solenoid, the performance and life cycle are dramatically reduced. There are several methods to combat ingression, but before choosing the correct solution it is important to understand the degrees of protection available. International Protection (or IP)

DURO-TECH® Solenoids—designed for extreme application performance

Water, dirt, dust, mud, high shock and vibration are all the nemesis of “standard” solenoids when they are asked to perform over a broad range of environmental conditions. Extreme applications can include: Off-road vehicles High dust factory and material handling environments Agricultural machinery and irrigation systems Marine and food service equipment DURO-TECH® (D-T) solenoids from

Extreme Environment Solenoids: The DURO-TECH® Story

Often, prospective solenoid users innocently expect standard solenoids to perform a function for which they were never intended. For example, Magnet Schultz of America (MSA) received a request for a solenoid to lock the steering mechanism on a military vehicle. The customer had tested one of our standard solenoids, which they secured from a

6 Basic Steps in Defining What Solenoid Best Suits Your Application

Solenoids are used in a wide range of applications from locking doors to shifting the transmission on a motorcycle. Unfortunately there is no “one size fits all” approach to choosing a solenoid, or other eletro-magnetic product. However, there are several basic steps to follow when selecting the right solenoid for the application. Some may consider

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