Often, prospective solenoid users innocently expect standard solenoids to perform a function for which they were never intended. For example, Magnet Schultz of America (MSA) received a request for a solenoid to lock the steering mechanism on a military vehicle. The customer had tested one of our standard solenoids, which they secured from a distributor, and found that it was functionally sufficient, meaning, the solenoid locked the steering mechanism as desired. The customer then contacted us for additional solenoid samples for further testing.

MSA’s design engineers asked for a description of the solenoid application. All went well relative to the basic dimensions, the required force and stroke specifications, and MSA engineers confirmed that the customer had selected the right solenoid to meet the criteria. As the technical discussion proceeded, we asked, “where will this solenoid be mounted?” The answer changed the project-scope: “In the wheel well of the vehicle”.

Stop the presses, was our immediate response! Although this “ordinary” solenoid may operate as desired on the “test-bench”, MSA engineers knew that it wouldn’t survive the environmental challenges—dirt and debris, humidity and the direct spray of water, shock and vibration, and extreme ambient temperatures—inside the wheel well of a vehicle. The combined impact of these factors would deride the performance and jeopardize the survivability of an “ordinary” solenoid in any such application.

To meet the rigors of the wheel well application, MSA partnered with the customer to design a custom solenoid that could perform within the application’s constraints.

An unrivaled level of innovation and customer care:
Because this request was one of many that MSA received for environmentally robust solenoids, our results-focused engineering team developed the DURO-TECH product line, specifically designed to meet environmental extremes. Through our collective mind share, this new product line can now help MSA customers bring their new products to market faster.

Typical extreme condition applications include—

  • Off-road Vehicles: High humidity/dust/debris or direct exposure moisture.
  • Flour Mills and Grain Loading Equipment: High humidity/dust environments.
  • Agricultural Applications: High moisture/dust and corrosive chemicals.
  • Food Service Equipment: High moisture and corrosive cleaning agent wash downs.

Leveraging MSA’s unique knowledge base and best practice manufacturing:
The core of the DURO-TECH solenoid is an Electro-Hydraulic coil that MSA manufactures for use on hydraulic valves. These coils are designed and manufactured to meet an IP-69 level of dust and moisture ingression protection. Our experience in providing coils to the mobile hydraulic industry confirms the viability of this design base for the similar expectations that are placed on DURO-TECH.

Additional enhancements were also made to provide an IP-65 level rating for the “operating guts” of the DURO-TECH solenoids.

Complete information about dimensions, force vs. stroke capabilities for DURO-TECH solenoids can be found in the MSA DURO-TECH Brochure and on the MSA website.

Collaborative Innovation: Providing the resources and expertise you need
MSA design engineers understand environmental challenges for solenoids across multiple industries, and intuitively know how and where to apply the right processes and ideas to help your product perform better.

As a leading manufacturer of standard, specialty and custom Electromagnetic devices—Electromechanical and Electrohydraulic—MSA’s advanced engineering, innovative design and lean manufacturing capabilities enable our customer’s products to outperform their competition.

To take a fresh look at how and where we can make the most of our solenoid capabilities in order to achieve greater market success for you, Contact MSA Today

By David Stockwell, President & CEO at Magnet-Schultz of America, Inc.