Part Two: High Security, Robust Locking Applications, Ball-Detent Locking Solenoids (Patent Application No. 14592511)

HIGH SECURITY, ROBUST LOCKING APPLICATIONS, BALL-DETENT LOCKING SOLENOIDS: PART TWO Edited by David Stockwell; Technical information provided by Roland Mueller & Simon Benik BLOG 1 of this two-part series discussed the need for, and desired characteristics of a robust locking device, capable of providing a high hold force in a small package. It then went

DURO-TECH® Solenoids—designed for extreme application performance

Water, dirt, dust, mud, high shock and vibration are all the nemesis of “standard” solenoids when they are asked to perform over a broad range of environmental conditions. Extreme applications can include: Off-road vehicles High dust factory and material handling environments Agricultural machinery and irrigation systems Marine and food service equipment DURO-TECH® (D-T) solenoids from

Extreme Environment Solenoids: The DURO-TECH® Story

Often, prospective solenoid users innocently expect standard solenoids to perform a function for which they were never intended. For example, Magnet Schultz of America (MSA) received a request for a solenoid to lock the steering mechanism on a military vehicle. The customer had tested one of our standard solenoids, which they secured from a

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