MSA in Crain’s Top 100 Chicago Patent Winners

Crains’ Most Innovative Companies – MSA makes Crain’s Top 100 patent list Magnet-Schultz of America has made an appearance in Crain's Chicago Business for being one of the top 100 Illinois companies for number of patents awarded in 2016. Our continued development of the ball detent product and advances in

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Solenoid Valve Types

The latest entry in the Magnet-Schultz of America Solenoid 101 blog series is designed to explain the basic differences between common solenoid valve designs. This blog builds on our general overview of solenoid principles. Check our blog history for information on more technical concepts and feel free to make

How to Choose a Solenoid

Choosing a solenoid can be overwhelming. The sheer number of parts offered makes it difficult to identify all of the possibilities, and comparing specification sheets and force curves is time consuming. You can always send your requirements to us and we can identify a best fit for you, but

MSA’s Quality Analysis Capabilities Increase

Magnet-Schultz of America has added new machinery that increases our abilities in quality and manufacturing analysis. The addition of a new cross-cut machine, grinding machine, and upgraded microscopes allows MSA to perform even more comprehensive inspections. By setting parts in epoxy, MSA can effectively freeze all components in place and

Holding Electromagnet Usage and Mounting Guide

Electromagnets are a versatile option for holding and lifting applications, but proper mounting and operation is necessary to get the most out of these devices. The steps below outline the best practices and common mistakes encountered when implementing electromagnets. Follow these basic steps to increase your application’s efficiency, and check

How Solenoid Modifications Improve Performance

Common Solenoid Modifications While Magnet-Schultz of America has a comprehensive range of reference solenoid products, the greatest value we have to offer our customers are modified or entirely custom solenoids and actuators. Many engineers or purchasing agents contact us knowing what type of function and performance they need in a