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At MSA you’ll be invited to interact, to get involved, to join a conversation. We’re process-oriented. We break down communication barriers to create a more open framework for new levels of product innovation and manufacturing agility. Collaborative Innovation is how we turn MSA knowledge into customer value. But what does this phrase mean?Collaboration is a process that enables the gathering of information to understand all the components of a particular challenge. Innovation is the tool that is then employed to transform knowledge into value.

Collaborative Innovation means we take a unique approach to challenges. We build trust-based relationships and deliver superior, more sustainable results for our clients. The underpinnings of collaborative innovation are based on delivering identifiable value for a competitive advantage. In other words, it is our business driver.

Both internally (i.e. communication amongst a company’s many departments), and externally (i.e. interaction with and communication between a company and it’s customers), “influencers” engage in collective mindshare or brainstorming. The process of working together reveals new perspectives and the true needs of a particular challenge.

As with any transformational initiative, the success of your activities depends largely on the commitment and support of your team. Together we focus our knowledge, experience, and creativity to drive innovation and product value. When new insights are gained, we’ll define measurable objectives, and set realistic schedules. We add in motivation and commitment. The result? Faster, tangible success.

Consultative Engineering and Manufacturing Expertise
Core Products evolve into expected products. Expected products evolve into augmented products. Augmented products ultimately become a custom, end product that not only meets requirements, but exceeds expectations.

A like approach is the method by which physical products are delivered to our customers. Monthly shipments, weekly shipments, KanBan programs, consignment programs, all are methods of conveyance which can be tailored to place the “Product” into our customer hands precisely when needed, thereby eliminating waste and reducing overall cost.

Thinking Beyond Solutions
Collaborative: The process of working together in a joint intellectual effort.
Innovation: The development process by which something new or different is first invented, and then introduced.

Combining these two processes is what differentiates MSA. Our commitment to achieve excellence at every level—from product concept and design, through manufacturing, to quality assurance—is why customers come to with us, and why they choose to return.

As a leading manufacturer of standard and specialty Solenoids, Electromagnetic—Electrohydraulic and Electromechanical devices, MSA provides advanced engineering, innovative design and lean manufacturing capabilities to our customers that simply outperforms the competition. If you’d like to discuss how our collaborative innovation business process might help your organization create a product with a distinct market advantage, Contact MSA Today.