Standard Solenoids are designed to meet normal environmental and operating conditions encountered in conventional industrial applications:

Humidity/Water SplashCoil area is protected and exposed surfaces plated to withstand occasional water splash and normal in-plant ambient humidity conditions. For continuous high-humidity exposure or water immersion, special encapsulated or molded-coil constructions are available. For extreme environmental conditions, hermetically sealed designs may be required.

Sand/Dust/Dirt—Under normal in-plant ambient conditions, standard designs should perform satisfactorily over expected life. Unusual conditions of airborne contamination may require protective boots to seal off the plunger cavity. Additional protection of exposed surfaces may be required.

Temperature—Since Solenoid output force will continue to improve (though current draw will increase) with ambient temperature decrease, operation of standard designs in an ambient temperature as low as –65°F (–53°C) presents no problem. It is when Solenoids will be operated in an ambient environment above 76°F (25°C) that some caution must be taken. If the temperature is significantly above 76°F (25°C), coil burning may occur even if Solenoid is operated at its rated duty cycle and voltage. Special high-temperature coil designs are available.