Water Ingress Protection

The IEC uses the term “Ingress Protection” to identify the environmental protection of a device. The IP classification system designates, by means of a number, the degree of protection provided by a device against ingress of dust and water. IP-65 identifies dust tight, no dust ingress, protected against jets of water from any direction.


Is the Standard International (SI) unit of electric potential or electromotive force. Voltage can be expressed as an average value over a given time interval, as an instantaneous value at a specific moment in time, or as an effective or root-mean-square (rms) value.

Voice Coil Actuator

Direct-drive limited motion devices that use a permanent magnetic field and coil winding to produce a force proportional to the current applied to the coil. These Electromagnetic devices are used in linear and rotary motion applications requiring linear force or torque output, and high-acceleration, or high-frequency actuation.


Since solenoid output force will continue to improve (though current draw will increase) with ambient temperature decrease, operation of standard designs in an ambient temperature as low as –65°F (–53°C) presents no problem. It is when solenoids will be operated in an ambient environment above 76°F (25°C) that some caution must be taken. If the


Coil wrapping tape is clear Mylar brand polyester film 0.002" thick which has been slit to the desired width and is used to wrap the coil in an overlapping manner. The film is per Mil-I-631 Type G, Form T, Class I, rated for 130°C continuous and meets UL file E-39505. Coil banding tape is Mylar


The total movement expected of the solenoid when electrical power is applied. It is also often defined as the air gap between moveable plunger and the fixed-pole piece in the de-energized condition. For greatest efficiency and smallest size, design for the shortest stroke possible.

SPOOL-LOCK® Solenoid

Electrohydraulic solenoids engineered to deliver performance and safety in harsh environments. These solenoids are designed to operate in extreme temperatures, sealed to withstand water ingression and submersion (up to IP-X9), resist an 800 lb maximum side load and pass a 96-hour salt spray (fog) corrosion test (ASTM B117).

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