Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

If a solenoid is controlled by a transistor which is signaled from a microprocessor, the PWM can be considered as an alternate means for reducing sizes or saving energy. PWM reduces the effective voltage by pulsing the voltage input. For example, if a solenoid has 12 volts supplied, but at 500 Hz at a 50%

Push Force

When energized, the push rod extends, pushing the load. A push solenoid is actually a pull solenoid with the addition of a push rod that rides against the internal face of the plunger extending through the fixed-pole piece.

Potted Coil

A common option for extended environmental protection is a potted or encapsulated coil. Potting or over-molding helps in making the coil humidity/splash resistant (in applications where this is common). If more severe conditions exist, further sealing of the coil cavity may be required.

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