Under normal in-plant ambient conditions, standard designs should perform satisfactorily over expected life. Unusual conditions of airborne contamination may require protective boots to seal off the plunger cavity. Additional protection of exposed surfaces may be required.

Duty Cycle

A comparison of the time a solenoid is energized to the time it is de-energized, expressed as a percentage: Duty Cycle % = [(ON time) / (ON time + OFF time)] x 100. For a given force / stroke requirement the smaller the duty cycle percentage, the smaller the Solenoid.


Electromechanical Solenoids engineered to offer operational durability in extreme conditions. These environmentally protected Solenoids are designed to block contamination, offer vibration resistance, and provide corrosion protection in challenging environments.


The resistance between the coil and the case. Minimum dielectric value is 500 VRMS and ranges up to 1,500 VRMS depending on the solenoid size, type and wire gauge. Dielectric values are shown for each Solenoid in the specifications chart.

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