Lead Wires

Standard temperature rated coils use PVC insulated stranded lead wire, UL style 1007 rated for 80°C at 300 volts. They also meet CSA type TR-64, 90°C at 600 volts; and MIL-W-16878/2, 105°C at 1000 volts. High temperature coils use Teflon type E, TFE lead wire and meet MIL-W-16878/4A rated at 200°C at 600 volts.

Layer Precision Wound Coil

A coil whose individual turns have a prescribed pattern which they must follow during the winding process whereby each turn is laid precisely next to the previous turn. This process allows for the maximum amount of copper in the allotted space. Normally carries a ±5% tolerance on coil resistance.

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