Coil area is protected and exposed surfaces plated to withstand occasional water splash and normal in-plant ambient humidity conditions. For continuous high humidity exposure or water immersion, special encapsulated or molded coil constructions are available. For extreme environmental conditions, hermetically sealed designs may be required.

Hold Force

Plunger is pulled in, either electrically or by external force, and contacts the opposite pole piece. With power applied, the plunger remains fixed resisting the external pull or push load.

Heat Sink

A passive component that cools the solenoid by transferring heat to the surrounding air. It is important to consider the size of the heat sink when selecting the Solenoid size and applicable wattage.

Heat Rise

The stable increase in coil wire temperature during Solenoid operation at rated voltage and duty cycle in designed ambient conditions. Standard units are designed for a 274°F (134°C) maximum rise in a constant 76°F (25°C) ambient environment.

HAZ-LOC® Coils

Electrohydraulic solenoid Coils engineered, certified and approved specifically for use in hazardous environments. Designed with an epoxy-filled encapsulation, these coils offer corrosion protection, are resistant to dust and moisture contamination, and are equipped with an internal temperature sensor that limits surface temperature.

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