Voice Coils

Based on a technology similar to audio speakers, these custom actuators blend the power of Permanent Magnets with the intermittent actuation of Electromagnets in order to achieve high-speed functionality.

All MSA Voice Coil designs provide:

• Unique bi-directional force, velocity and acceleration characteristics
• Compact size, relative to other linear actuator technologies
• Custom bearing systems, enabling greatly extended life
• Suspended armature designs eliminating friction and providing long life

Fully Custom Voice Coils—high-speed devices that are specifically designed to meet customer needs for precise linear movement, fast actuation and long life. They are available in two basic configurations:

• Moving Armature Design—no moving leads, eliminating lead wear concerns
• Moving Coil Design—faster response time and high acceleration

Value-Added Voice Coil Sub-Assemblies—MSA can design and integrate Voice Coil technology into complex Value-Added Assemblies, which may significantly reduce your current assembly time and overall system cost.

Typical applications for these highly customized new products include medical respirators, pressure regulators, instrumentation controls and coin sorting.

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