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MSA News

HAZ-LOC® Electrohydraulic Solenoid Coils

Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA), a leading innovator and manufacturer of Electromagnetic Devices, offers a new family of Electrohydraulic Coils designed and certified for use in hazardous location environments—including gas and dust atmospheres present in petroleum exploration and production, chemical processing, and facilities involving the transfer and storage of grain or other dry materials.

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DURO-TECH® Solenoids

Engineered to withstand the elements, MSA has developed a family of Solenoids which are perfectly suited to offer protection from extreme environments.

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Magnet Schultz of China (MSC)

Chinese Business Certificate

Beginning in the 2nd half of 2014, MSC will begin to manufacture, assemble and test various sizes and designs of Hydraulic Solenoids...

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