Magnetic Latching Products

MSA offerings include semi- or fully-custom Magnetic Latches, Magnetic Latching Solenoids and Permanent-Magnet Electromagnets. All three products have Permanent Magnets embedded in the design.

These products provide a bi-stable device that requires “zero power” to remain in the magnetically-latched position. The Permanent Magnet decreases input power and "on" time requirements, and provides the hold force needed to remain in one state of actuation. A return spring typically keeps the device in the opposite state. Additional benefits include:

• Reduced Power Consumption—a magnetic-latching actuator can indefinitely stay in the actuated position, without the constant application of electrical energy that would be required for a regular Solenoid
• Lower Heat—the device is actuated and/or un-actuated with only a brief pulse of energy
• Battery Friendly—the minimal power requirements of Magnetic Latches make them ideal for use with the limited output and life expectancy of a battery power source

Typical applications for Magnetic Latching Devices include door-locking mechanisms, computer cabinet locks, electronic circuit breakers, fire-extinguishing system actuators, medical equipment and power line trip mechanisms.

To explore the design possibilities of Magnetic Latching Solenoids, contact us for a consultation with a Magnet-Schultz application expert.

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