DURO-TECH® (Extreme Environment) Solenoids

DURO-TECH® (Extreme Environment) Solenoids

This MSA trademarked family of highly versatile and durable Electromechanical Solenoids is designed and certified for use in extreme environments. Available in two variants:

  • Push or Pull—three sizes providing actuation in one direction
  • Push-Pull—currently one size with bi-directional actuation

Their rugged tubular design, encapsulated coil, integrated connector and neoprene boots keep dirt and contaminants out, and offer excellent resistance to shock and vibration. A “hybrid” in the sense that it combines the many advantages of the Coils from our Electrohydraulic product group (which are up to IP69 dust and water ingression rated), DURO-TECH Solenoids are equipped with a highly specialized and rugged electromechanical operating mechanism and special rubber boots—providing an IP65 rated dust and water ingression capability.

MSA's collaborative innovation approach to product design is perfectly suited to develop customized derivatives/variants of the DURO-TECH family to precisely meet your system’s requirements.

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