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Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA) is driven to satisfy unique customer challenges. We embrace the opportunity to design and manufacture Solenoids that address the needs of difficult applications …

Voice Coils

Based on a technology similar to audio speakers, these custom actuators blend the power of Permanent Magnets with the intermittent actuation of Electromagnets in order to achieve high-speed functionality.

All MSA Voice Coil designs provide:

• Unique bi-directional force, velocity and acceleration characteristics
• Compact size, relative to other linear actuator technologies
• Custom bearing systems, enabling greatly extended life
• Suspended armature designs eliminating friction and providing long life

Magnetic Latching Products

MSA offerings include semi- or fully-custom Magnetic Latches, Magnetic Latching Solenoids and Permanent-Magnet Electromagnets. All three products have Permanent Magnets embedded in the design.

These products provide a bi-stable device that requires “zero power” to remain in the magnetically-latched position. The Permanent Magnet decreases input power and "on" time requirements, and provides the hold force needed to remain in one state of actuation. A return spring typically keeps the device in the opposite state. Additional benefits include:

• Reduced Power Consumption—a magnetic-latching actuator can indefinitely stay in the actuated position, without the constant application of electrical energy that would be required for a regular Solenoid
• Lower Heat—the device is actuated and/or un-actuated with only a brief pulse of energy
• Battery Friendly—the minimal power requirements of Magnetic Latches make them ideal for use with the limited output and life expectancy of a battery power source

Typical applications for Magnetic Latching Devices include door-locking mechanisms, computer cabinet locks, electronic circuit breakers, fire-extinguishing system actuators, medical equipment and power line trip mechanisms.

To explore the design possibilities of Magnetic Latching Solenoids, contact us for a consultation with a Magnet-Schultz application expert.

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DURO-TECH® (Extreme Environment) Solenoids

DURO-TECH® (Extreme Environment) Solenoids

This MSA trademarked family of highly versatile and durable Electromechanical Solenoids is designed and certified for use in extreme environments. Available in two variants:

  • Push or Pull—three sizes providing actuation in one direction
  • Push-Pull—currently one size with bi-directional actuation

Their rugged tubular design, encapsulated coil, integrated connector and neoprene boots keep dirt and contaminants out, and offer excellent resistance to shock and vibration. A “hybrid” in the sense that it combines the many advantages of the Coils from our Electrohydraulic product group (which are up to IP69 dust and water ingression rated), DURO-TECH Solenoids are equipped with a highly specialized and rugged electromechanical operating mechanism and special rubber boots—providing an IP65 rated dust and water ingression capability.

MSA's collaborative innovation approach to product design is perfectly suited to develop customized derivatives/variants of the DURO-TECH family to precisely meet your system’s requirements.

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